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Hi everyone.

I set this community up in order for people to be able to share ideas about festive dishes, and get hints and tips from others. I am hoping that the international nature of the Internet will enable different cooking influences to come together to give people new and interesting ideas on what to cook for the festive season.

I am British and so my knowledge is mainly concerning 'Traditional English Dinner' so I am happy and interested to hear form others in different parts of the world.

Just a quick note. I am setting this community up half way through December 2004 which means that its a bit late to get hundreds of people signing up to it. Also given the seasonal nature of the subject I am expecting there to be a massive lull in activity for most of the year. Don't let that put you off though, every season it may well be worth your time checking in here. I will certainly reply to every question as far as I am able to within my knowledge.
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