gypseymission (gypseymission) wrote in christmasdinner,

My Tips for Planning

Right here we go. I'm cooking for 15 people this year with a couple of Vegetarians (One who is a fish eater), One meat eater who is allergic to nuts, one who will eat poultry, but not mammals and one person who is allergic to fish.

First problem many people encounter at this time of year is working out what to cook, and you should always consider who is coming to dinner. There is no point pouring the juices of the turkey or goose over all the roast potatoes if you have vegetarians at dinner. Similarly don't go using the same pots and pans for veggies and meat without cleaning them first, (That’s actually a very basic hygiene concern). For some not eating certain things is an ideological choice, for others it is a religious dictate and for others it is a medical stipulation. Making sure you are organised and have thought your menu through is the key to not messing up someone's Christmas dinner. It should and can easily be the best meal of the year that everyone remembers right the way through to next year.
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